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Employment, Contract and Property Law

Private Persons / Individuals


As a private person and citizen you can face lots of challenges. Redundancy or a dispute with your employer, arguments about money, a government or company that sends you from pilar to post? Karim can help you. He can assist and advise you to find the right path if you seem to have lost track of it. Karim offers help in clear and understandable language, without long legal jingo that doesn’t do you any good at all.

Karim specialises in Employment Law and Redundancy Law, money claims and Consumer Rights.

Are you ill or do you have an employment conflict with your employer? Do you have a back wages claim on your employer? Is redundancy threatening? Do you want to change jobs and check if this is possible? Would you like advise on how to terminate a subscription? Does someone owe you money, or do you have trouble with a collection agency that demands high costs? Have you received a threatening letter, without knowing what to do about it? Karim would like to help you. Contact him without obligation. Remember that Karim delivers high-quality service, but distinctly cheaper than Law Firms.