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Employment, Contract and Property Law

Entrepreneurs / Companies


Running a business is the greatest adventure that exists. But every entrepreneur is subject to risks. Let Karim be your partner to limit those risks as much as possible. And if one of those risks might occur, Karim can assist and represent you and skillfully provide assistance and advice. If necessary also in lower Court representation.

Karim specialises in Employment Law, Redundancy Law, Contract Law, International Private Law and Debt Collection.

Would to like to have a Staff manual? Or do you want to have your current Manual checked for recent developments? Do you have problems with your staff? Do you need to reorganize or restructure? Do you experience challenges with your suppliers or your clients? Unpaid invoices? These are all affairs in which Karim is happy to oblige. Contact him without obligation. Remember that Karim delivers high-quality service, but distinctly cheaper than Law Firms.