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Dutch Employment Law | Netherlands

There are several areas of legal advice that may be important to you when you are an expat in the Netherlands and it is important to ensure that you know your rights and the laws of the land and the work-place before taking up assignment.

One of the first areas that you must be fully aware of when in the Netherlands is your immigration status. You must be absolutely clear on the terms of your residency permit and work permit and be careful not to breach them. If you have come from outside the EU you may have restrictions on who you can work for, how long you can stay for and the type of work you can do. Be careful, some work permits literally only permit you to work under a specific job title and if you wanted to change role within your current company even, you might need to check with the authorities.

Unless you have moved to the Netherlands with an expatriate employment contract which is governed by the laws of your own country, you will be subject to the employment rules and laws of the Netherlands. You need to make sure you are fully aware of all the laws relating to employment contracts, employee conduct and protection against dismissal.

And finally, you need to familiarize yourself with the laws of the land which govern your action in both public places and in domestic environments.

We realize that there is a lot to consider here in terms of legal employment advice and we have prepared a list of Dutch Employment Law companies  and general legal resources /contacts who you can contact for further advice/support if you are encountering any legal related issues when in The Netherlands.

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