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Employment, Contract and Property Law


Dutch Employment Law | Netherlands

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There are several areas of legal advice that may be important to you when you are an expat in the Netherlands and it is important to ensure that you know your rights and the laws of the land and the work-place before taking up assignment. One of the first areas that you must be fully aware of when in the Netherlands is your immigration status. You must be absolutely clear on the terms of your residency permit and work permit and be careful not to breach them. If you have come from outside the EU you may have restrictions on who you can work...

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Patent application and claims in the Netherlands

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Requirements and procedure to protect patents in the Netherlands In order to be eligible for a patent in the Netherlands, you must have devised a technical invention that complies with three material conditions.  Requirements for patent registration in the Netherlands are: Novelty The product or process may not have been made public anywhere in the world before the date of submitting the patent application, not even through the activities of the inventor himself (e.g. by means of a company brochure or a presentation at a trade fair)....

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What Is a Voidable Contract?

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Even if a contract exists, it may not necessarily be enforceable. There are a number of reasons why a court might not enforce a contract. Often, it’s to protect people from unfairness in the bargaining process, or in the substance of the contract itself. In such circumstances, a contract may be voidable. But what is a voidable contract? Voidable Contracts When a contract is voidable, a party to the contract is able to cancel or revoke the contract. Contracts can become voidable due to: Mistake. A contract can be canceled on the grounds...

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